RAGE Shadowverse World Grand Prix
Dec 23-24, 2017 (JST)
Bellesalle Takadanobaba (Tokyo, Japan)
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Japan (12), Taiwan (3), Korea (3), North America (3), Europe (3) A Total of 24 Contenders
Total Cash Prize
120,000 USD


See the RAGE Shadowverse World Grand Prix rules for more details.

※ The schedule above is subject to change.




  • A large crowd is expected at the venue. Please take care that none of your valuables, purchased items, or personal belongings are lost or stolen.
  • Please use public transportation to reach the venue on the day of the tournament.
  • If the crowd is especially large, we may limit the number of people who can enter the venue.
  • The venue and event sponsors cannot take responsiblity for lost or stolen items.
  • Audio and video recording outside the main stage and announcer seats is permitted, but only for personal use.
  • Camping is not allowed at the venue. Please use public transportation to reach the venue on the day of the tournament.
  • It is not be possible to page friends or acquaintences over the venue's PA system. Before arriving at the venue, please arrange a way to contact them in the event that you are seperated.
  • Please be aware that media outlets may be present at the venue.
  • Please do not wear extremely revealing outfits, or outfits that could negatively affect other atendees' experience.
  • No changing rooms are available. Please do not change outfits at the venue or in the bathrooms of nearby establishments.
  • Attendees are not allowed to sell items to other attendees at the venue.
  • Items will not be allowed into the venue if staff members deem them dangerous, inappropriate, or likely to negatively affect other atendees' experience.
  • Attendees may be asked to leave the venue if their behavior negatively affects other atendees' experience, or if they refuse to follow staff members' instructions.
  • Please pay attention to how you're feeling. Drink liquids, rest, and enjoy the event without pushing yourself too hard.
  • It is forbidden to directly or indirectly interfere with matches or the tournament.
  • The event may be temporarily postponed or cancelled in the event of server trouble, a natural disaster, or other unaviodable circumstances. No compensation will be provided for accomodation fees or the expense of transportation to the venue.
  • By coming to the event, all attendees agree to abide by these notes.